We are finance professionals with in-depth IT knowledge.

We are finance professionals with in-depth IT knowledge. Our core competence is digital finance. Exevera works with CFOs and their teams to successfully transform unsustainable and inefficient finance, accounting and analytics processes.

Hence our name, which means excellence (excellence) in the pursuit of the truth (vera) about the company, about where it is and where it is going. This is Exevera.

Our Clients We are trusted by the financial directors
of medium and large companies.

Our Clients are mostly CFOs in medium and large multinational companies with complex financial planning, reporting and analytical needs. They come to Exevera because their traditional manual processes are not sustainable.

We help them move to modern digitalized finance by unifying their data and processes, automating repetitive work, fast adjusting to changing and growing reporting needs, and providing IT savvy financial professionals to gain long-term benefits from digital transformation.

CFOs look to us when they are:


Frustrated with manual Excel based processes

leading to errors, repetitive work, long hours and lack of visibility


Under pressure

that their system is not doing what was promised when it was sold to them


Continually embarrassed

by failing to deliver accurate plans and forecasts



to seamlessly adjust their processes to fast changing and growing reporting needs



to improve morale facing growing staff rotation and having difficulty in knowledge management



of costly maintenance and development of implemented planning and reporting IT solutions


Facing a lack of skilled financial professionals

able to effectively use the latest IT technologies.

Why us? We help you achieve great success in the area of finance.

Our customers experience tremendous success as our approach is very different from what you may normally find:

  • As our one digitial financial controller plus software usually delivers more than the whole traditional controlling department

  • We are a true partner for finance teams as we combine in-depth accounting and IT knowledge about the software used

  • incl. pharmaceutical, manufacturing, contruction, media and other which might be leveraged by our Clients

  • Jedox, Blackline and Microsoft Power Tools technologies we use are market leaders in their areas

  • And most importantly, our Clients don’t leave us and are eager to give references to our new potential Clients.

Offer Accurate, transparent, fast and flexible finance for your business

Benefit from the digital transformation of your company's finances and become an actual partner for the business.

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